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Joy Reviews the Best Juicers


Hi, all-


As you know, I’ve been trying to increase fertility in lots of different ways, and it’s been a really time-consuming quest to build my family. I’ve worked on reproductive health things, but I’ve also been trying to improve my health in general to make sure my body can be at its best when I’m trying to conceive.

My doctor has helped me figure out a ground-up approach to health that’s gonna involve revamping my diet and trying to be more active, to make my body as vibrant and lively as possible. She thinks it will help me with the fertility issues, and it will also help when baby arrives, because I know what you eat when you’re pregnant and how you take care of yourself has a big impact on how your children develop in the womb.


So, the first part of my plan to be more healthy in general is to have a way better diet. I didn’t think I was doing badly, since I ate some fruits or vegetables at every meal. But my doctor says that 3-5 servings is considered really low these days by most people, and that you should really have more like 7-9 servings, which is definitely not something I’ve been meeting in my diet. I usually have a salad at lunch, a side of vegetables at dinner, and some fruit at breakfast.


My doctor suggested that I get into juicing as an easy way to start turning that around and get more nutrition into my routine. She says it’s a good thing for new healthy eaters to do because people like me probably don’t know how to integrate more vegetables and fruits into the foods we make for meals, which is definitely true for me. So, I’m gonna be trying to get better about meals, but also make up the rest of the servings with juicers.

The first time I started making juice, I decided I would start with making citrus juice, because I know I’m low on Vitamin C, and it’s also something I like with cereal or toast in the morning. I bought a Cuisinart motorized juicer, which I absolutely love. It’s one of the best citrus juicers listed online, and it’s definitely a good one if you’re looking for something to make orange or grapefruit juice. I’ve also used it to get little bits of lemon or lime juice when I’m cooking, but I don’t know if I like having to wash it out just for a dash of juice. But aside from that, I think it’s perfect. It spins two ways, which makes even more juice come out of each half of the fruit.


After a few weeks of having lots of orange juice, I decided it was time to get a juicer for everything else besides citrus. I spent a lot of time looking at different ones in online reviews and in videos. Basically, you have to decide between slow masticating juicers which squeeze juice out of everything, and fast centrifugal (I think I spelled that right) that zip through produce with a blade like when you use a stick blender to make soup, and then spin out juice like a salad spinner. I had a hard time deciding which kind I wanted. On one hand, I don’t have a lot of time to juice every day, so I didn’t really like the idea of spending hours chopping and feeding through a slow juicer, but according to what I read online, the fast juicers leave out lots of peel nutrients and they waste a lot of juice, so you’re losing money.


I ended up buying a juicer which I think solves the problem of having to choose. It’s a KitchenAid, which has a zippy blade and a squeezing piece in the same motor. I think it’s really great. I’ve had good luck with KitchenAid things in general. Their toaster oven is one of the best appliances I’ve ever, ever bought.


I like the KitchenAid because it gives me a lot of yield and it leaves lots of the healthy fiber in the juice without taking forever. It’s definitely the best I’ve found for my lifestyle, but I know some more purist people might not like to use a spinning blade system at all. My doctor says there’s really no difference, though, at least nothing you would actually notice. I’m really glad it was listed as a hybrid model on Their page was actually really helpful in talking about the difference and thankfully pointing to something that has the best of both worlds, which is what I bought.
Now I’m making juice out of carrots, beets, apples, and pears in addition to my citrus. It’s been really good so far, and I can definitely feel a difference in my health, hopefully in my fertility, too! So, yeah! That’s my review of the best juicers, and why I started getting into juicing for health.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Fertility  

Hi guys, today I want to talk about some of the big tips I’ve learned in my years of trying to improve my fertility and struggling to conceive. I’ve been to a lot of different doctors and specialists, and I’ve read literally hundreds of articles about how to make different improvements to my body that will help me start a family. This blog is my big list of everything I’ve learned, from me to you!

First off, I just want to say that it’s established science that lifestyle changes like getting a healthier diet and making sure you get the right nutrients make the difference between not conceiving and conceiving a healthy pregnancy in 80% of cases, which is way better than the 25% of cases where IVF works well. That’s according to a study from the University of Surrey that I found online. So, just up front, these changes really do work, so now I’ll run through all the key ones that are proven to make improvements.


These are the key lifestyle things you want to change if you’re trying to be in that 80% of cases where fertility problems are fixable without IVF. They’ll also help if you want to improve your odds with IVF and get above that 25% threshold.


Diet is the biggest factor, and the key thing according to my doctor is to increase the amount of nutrients you get every day by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables through the day, and having lots of servings of vitamins from vegetables and juice. One huge thing I learned is that the recommended servings have gone up a lot in the past few years. I always though you were supposed to get 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but it’s actually 7-9 cups of fresh produce, not 3-5. So, having a better diet will give you more of the nutrients that keep your organs happy and working well, which is important for getting pregnant as well as your overall health.


The next biggest factor is to reduce the substances you use, whether it’s alcohol or caffeine. Both of them have bad influences on your ability to get pregnant. As far as alcohol, the less you drink, the more likely you are to conceive. People who have less than 4 glasses of red wine a week do way better than people who have more than that, and my doctor told me that the latest research shows you should eliminate it completely for about 3 months if you can. I’m on month 2 right now, and I’ve actually been totally fine. It’s a good thing to do for the guys, too. Alcohol stops them being able to get zinc, which is one of the nutrients you need for reproductive health. For caffeine, one cup of coffee a day halves the chances of you getting pregnant. More than that can cause miscarriages! So, my doctor also says you should try three months of no chocolate, coffee, tea, coke, or anything else with caffeine to increase your chances.


One other issue is something called xenoestrogens, which come from plastic and pesticides. They basically mess with your hormones which is super bad when you’re trying to be more fertile. To avoid them, you have to use glass and ceramic instead of plastic whenever you can, and definitely no microwaving plastic packages or dishes. I also only buy organic foods because pesticides are the other big source of them.

You should also take some basic vitamin supplements, which for fertility, the keys are omega 3s, folic acid supplements to make sure you have all your B Vitamins (which are part of the genetics you need to pass on–studies show that B12 increases fertility for men and women), and zinc, which helps women hold onto hormones and use them, and it helps men achieve higher sperm counts.


Ok, so a better diet, no bad substances, and some good supplements. Those are the key things to get more fertile! Good luck!